Bob Marley Tracks

A recreation of some Bob Marley songs

Re-recorded with analogue equipment on a SSL mixing console and vintage instruments as a Hammond C3 organ with Leslie 122, Hohner Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Fender Jazz Bass (1974) in a reggae based professional studio.
All the songs have been made in such a way the bases of the songs are honored and respected. Every song is based on the original arrangements and twisted in a way of many live versions as performed by The Wailers. Finally each song will have a vocal version, instrumental version, dub version and 12″ version.

The release of this digital album (no hard copy) will be Autumn 2018 and for sale as an mp3 on for example iTunes. No streaming on Apple music or Spotify. A special package deal will be offered via this website and contain the mp3 files and wav files (44.1 kHz) of all the songs including 4 multitrack files and stems of songs of your choice.

  • Jamming (based on studio and several live versions)
  • Shot the sheriff (based on studio and Live at the Lyceum Theatre version)
  • Roots (based on studio version)
  • No woman no cry (based on Live at the Lyceum Theatre version)
  • Them belly full (based on live version R’dam The Netherlands ’78)
  • Lively up yourself (based on studio version and several live versions)
  • Roots Rock Reggae (based on studio version)
  • Natty dread (based on studio version)
  • Crisis (based on studio and live version)
  • Is this love (based on studio and BBB version)
  • Ambush in the night (based on studio and live Santa Barbara version)
  • Zion train (based on studio and live version)
  • So much trouble (based on studio version)
  • One drop (based on studio version)
  • Precious world (based on studio and live version)
  • Natural mystic (based on studio and live version)